Why can’t I watch a video that I downloaded?

Click on the link to download a codec! Windows 7 Users: HERE – Windows XP Users: HERE Windows 8 Users: HERE – Mac Users: HERE and HERE

Additional help for Mac users:

How to Install Software from DMG Files on a Mac?

One of the most common mistakes among new Mac users is fumbling with how to install new software. The process for installing new applications on your Mac can be confusing at first because it differs greatly from Windows’ software installation process. Nevertheless, the Mac method of software installation is actually quite simple and intuitive once you are accustomed to it. If your desktop is littered with DMG files and white drive-looking icons, read on!

Software installation with Mac OS X is very different different than the Windows world. On a Windows PC, you run an installer, tick off a few check boxes, and wait for the progress meter to reach completion. On a Mac, you simply drag and drop an Application into your computer’s “Applications” directory. The trick is that most Mac applications are distributed in DMG files, and many new Mac users end up running applications out of those DMG files instead of copying the applications to their Mac’s “Applications” directory.

Enough explanation, here’s how to install most Mac OS X applications:

    1. Download the app’s .DMG file. Often times it will end up on your desktop.


    1. Double-click the .DMG file to open it up. Another new icon with a name similar to the .DMG file will appear on your desktop.


    1. If a new Finder window doesn’t automatically appear, double click on the new icon that has appeared on your desktop. Guess what? A Finder window will appear.


    1. Locate your application’s icon within this new Finder window. Drag and drop it into your “Applications” directory.


How to use WinRar?

Download and install WinRar (Win) HERE

How to extract files with WinRAR: In order to extract files using WinRAR you must first open the required archive in WinRAR window. You can do that in one of several ways explained below:


    • Double-click or press Enter on the archive name in Windows Explorer or your Desktop. If WinRAR was associated with archives during installation (the default installation option), an archive will be opened in WinRAR otherwise it want. If WinRAR is not default RAR software then you can open it in one of few steps below. The easiest way to setup WinRAR as default is to right click on your archive file, choose ”Open With” and then click on ”Choose Program”. In new window locate WinRAR application, mark it and check option ”Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”.


    • Right click on archive name in Windows Explorer or your Desktop and choose “Extract Files” to choose location where you want to extract archive or choose “Extract here” to extract archive on location where is located your archive file. Again WinRAR have to be default RAR software in Windows.


    • You can also drag-and-drop an archive to the WinRAR icon or window. Before doing this ensure that WinRAR does not already display another archive, otherwise the dropped archive will be added to the currently displayed archive
      After your archive is opened in WinRAR, its contents are displayed. Now you have to select all files and folders which you want to extract. To select those files and folders use ”CTRL + Left mouse click” to select all of them, and after you have selected all click the Extract To button at the top of the window or press Al t+ E on your keyboard


Sometimes the content on MEMBERS HOME PAGE is so mixed up that it could’t be used. Whay is that

  • Updates and scheduled maintenance are done on daily bases, so some errors my occur on MEMBERS HOME PAGE. That doesn’t last longer than minute or two.


  • If the page opens with this error, close that window and open the ” new window ” and log in again.

If you experience a “Runtime Error” in Internet Explorer please read this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822521


How to download video?


download method 1

In order to download the video you have to click the right mouse button and choose “save link as” (see picture) and then click “save” to confirm download,
this may vary from browser to browser… for example on Internet Explorer you need to click on “save target as”.


How to download bonus video?

download bonus video method 1

Method is basically the same but instead of clicking on “watch now” button you need to click on video image and choose “save link as” and download. (see picture)