Lady Gaga – Gaga: Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga – Gaga: Five Foot Two[rating_form id=”1″]

Lady Gaga sitting outdoors showing cleavage in a green bikini as she and some other people talk. After a bit, we see her topless instead, showing both breasts as she continues to talk. In the second scene, Lady Gaga leaning over with her jeans pulled down to reveal her butt in a thong as someone prepares to give her a shot. In the third scene, Lady Gaga seen briefly topless from the side as she stands by a rack of clothes and puts on a robe. In the fourth scene, Lady Gaga seen topless back stage as she prepares for a Super Bowl halftime performance, a guy applying tape to cover her nipples as she has her shirt lifted up. We then see some more of her breasts with the tape on as she begins to get dressed, a thong visible under her see-through fishnet stockings.

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