Ena Sweet and Jimena Lago – Love Match: Episode 2

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Ena Sweet and Jimena Lago seem to be a very happy couple, but Ena’s mood visibly alters when she receives a wedding invitation from her ex-girlfriend, Anissa. She insists nothing is wrong, but she and Jimena get into an argument. Ena feels so sorry when she sees the upset she has caused Jimena that she apologizes, they kiss tenderly and go back into the bedroom to make love. They undress each other eagerly and Jimena kneels to lick Ena’s pussy, looking up at her to enjoy the effect her nimble fingerwork is having. Moving to the bed, Jimena lies back to enjoy Ena’s hot kisses, and to get eaten and fingered until she is giggling with pleasure. Ena straddles Jimena’s face, riding hard – but the mood between the lovers shifts again, as she rubs herself to orgasm and then abruptly dismounts, leaving Jimena alone. As Jimena masturbates to a lonely climax, it seems the trouble in paradise will not be easily resolved.

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