Amanda Fuller – Red White & Blue

Amanda Fuller – Red White & Blue

Amanda Fuller removing her jean skirt and jean bustier to reveal her breasts and a pair of panties and then lying down on a bed with two naked guys while a third guy removes his clothes and then finally climbs of top of them as they all kiss her. In the second scene, Amanda Fuller giving us a close up view of her left breast and nipple and then her stomach as she washes herself in the shower before giving us a blurry look through the glass shower door at her fully nude body. In the third scene, Amanda Fuller sitting on a bed in a blue bra as she reads a book. In the fourth scene, Amanda Fuller having hard sex with a guy first on her back on an ottoman with her legs up in the air and then while lying on her stomach as the guy has sex with her while thrusting in from behind until finally she lies on her back topless and he rolls off of her. In the fifth scene, Amanda Fuller giving us a look at her breasts as she stands topless and puts on a pink dress and then has her breasts still hanging out a bit. In the sixth scene, Amanda Fuller lying on her back having sex with a guy as he squeezes her right breast hard and then kisses her neck while continuing to have sex.

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