Heather Graham – The Stand – S01E02

Heather Graham - The Stand - S01E02 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001287/ info not available

Michelle Dockery – Godless – S01E06

Michelle Dockery standing facing a guy in a barn as she unbuttons her top and pulls it open, exposing her breasts as the guy runs his fingers down the scar between them and then makes out with her.

Lotte Verbeek – Outlander – S03E12

Lotte Verbeek slowly emerging naked from a pool of blood, giving a guy a look at her butt as she steps out, then turning to face him and showing her breasts as the blood drips off and thins out. She...

Natalie Paul – Crown Heights

Natalie Paul standing facing a guy as she pulls her bra off and bares her breasts. She then slowly steps toward him and touches his face before we see them having sex with Natalie on her back, still...

Maggie Gyllenhaal – The Deuce – S01E07

Maggie bares all three Bs after getting banged from behind by a guy!

Rebecca Amzallag – Slasher – S02E06

Rebecca Amzallag wearing a pink shirt that is pulled open as a guy has sex with her from behind and tugs her bra down to bare her breasts, which we get a view of as she leans over a counter in...

Alicia Vikander – Tulip Fever

Alicia Vikander standing naked showing the bottom half of her breast and a bit of nipple as well as she runs her hand over her stomach. In the second scene, Alicia Vikander kissing a guy as...

Reese Witherspoon – Wild

Reese Witherspoon naked in a quick flashback as we see her on her back at first with her breasts visible as a guy goes down on her, and then we see her butt from the side as she lies on the...

Sarah Stiles – Get Shorty – S01E08

Sarah Stiles naked on all fours on a bed as a guy has sex with her while kneeling behind her, Sarah showing her breasts and some of her bare butt with the guy's hands on her hips. In the second...

Gillian Anderson – Straightheads

Gillian Anderson showing both breasts during a nude sex scene with a guy in bed, showing hard nipples while they have sex and while lying on her back afterward.

Reese Witherspoon – Twilight

Reese Witherspoon lying on a couch topless as she kisses a guy and then he kisses down her chest between her bare breasts. We then see more of Reese topless while she continues to lie on the...

Olivia Luccardi and Kayla Foster – The Deuce – S01E04

Olivia Luccardi and Kayla Foster - The Deuce - S01E04