Lysette Anthony – Save Me

Lysette Anthony – Save Me

Lysette Anthony making out with a guy in the front seat of a convertible in a parking lot and then having him raise the roof most of the way as she climbs on top and straddles him while ripping a condom packet open and putting it on him before they have sex as she rides him in the front seat while he pulls on her bra and she moves up and down eventually causing her right nipple to become exposed. In the second scene, Lysette Anthony of Hollyoaks fame sleeping on a bed as a guy pulls down the pink sheet to reveal her naked body and then kisses down her breasts and stomach waking her up before he climbs on top and starts having sex with her giving us some slight looks at her dark bush until finally she’s seen on top of him continuing to have sex while he kisses around her chest some more and they make out.

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