Dakota Johnson – Fifty Shades Darker

Dakota Johnson – Fifty Shades Darker

Dakota Johnson kissing a guy in a bedroom before he takes her shirt off to reveal her bra, and then kneels in front of her to pull her pants down. The guy then slides her panties to the floor to give us a look at her bare butt as the guy leans in to go down on her while she remains standing up. The guy then stands up and they both move to the bed, where Dakota lays back with the guy on top as they begin to have sex. In the second scene, Dakota Johnson lying in bed with a guy, resting her head on his chest until he rolls her over onto her back to reveal her breasts. The guy talks to her a bit before be begins to go down on her, and she rolls over in pleasure. In the third scene, Dakota Johnson making out with a guy in a shower with her clothes on at first. The guy puts his hand down between her legs before ripping open her shirt to expose her breasts, which he sucks on before making out with her. In the fourth scene, Dakota Johnson kneeling on a bed as a guy approaches and places a red blindfold on her. He then reaches for some cuffs and locks her wrists together behind her before kissing her and then sucking on her breast. He then drips some oil on her chest and massages her breasts, rubbing it in. He then slides her naked body to the edge of the bed and turns her hips to the side so he can have sex with her from behind while standing next to the bed. He then unhooks her wrists and she turns onto her back as the guy continues to have sex on top of her, Dakota wrapping her legs around him.

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