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Maggie Gyllenhaal - Secretary

Maggie Gyllenhaal is shown in various scenes, each with its own unique setting and actions. In one scene, she is sitting in a bathtub and throws a snow globe into a nearby trash bin. As she rises up, we catch a glimpse of most of her right breast and almost her nipple. Another scene depicts Maggie bent over a desk in an office, receiving a spanking from her boss. He starts with slow spanks and then increases the force. In another moment, Maggie looks at herself in the mirror and pulls down her stockings and panties, revealing a bruised butt cheek from a previous spanking. There is a scene where she lies on her stomach on a bed and reaches her hand down between her legs to pleasure herself while fantasizing about her boss. She then rolls onto her back. Additionally, there is a scene where Maggie is seen topless while taking a bath. Later, she stands fully nude as a guy dries her off. Finally, she lies naked on her back, exposing her breasts and bush. Lastly, there is a scene where Maggie lies topless on her back, wearing only white panties, and a guy kisses up her legs and stomach.