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Bojana Novakovic - Shameless s05e12 (2015)

Bojana Novakovic enjoys a romantic evening on the beach with a guy. They have a playful time as she undresses down to her bikini and skips along the sand before diving into the water. Later, she walks off the beach in her bikini and enters a room to change clothes. While doing so, she reveals her breasts and butt as she removes her bikini and puts on a dress. A guy nearby politely turns his head away. In another scene, Bojana is seen naked on top of a guy as they engage in intimate moments. Her breasts are visible as she rides him. Afterward, she rolls over next to him, and we catch a glimpse of her breasts as she lies on her back. As she stands up, she puts on a dress, briefly revealing her left breast. Lastly, Bojana pulls her dress off over her head, exposing her bare butt and a portion of her left breast from behind. She confidently walks naked across the sand and dives into the ocean at sunset.