Beatrice Dalle – Betty Blue

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Béatrice Dalle nude underneath a guy as they have sex on top of a bed, giving us some good looks at her breasts in this long opening scene. In the second scene, Béatrice Dalle leaning over and kissing a guy’s penis while he sleeps in bed. In the third scene, Béatrice Dalle bottomless, wearing only a light blue shirt as she pushes a guy off a porch and then pulls up the shirt to show her bush to him. In the fourth scene, Béatrice Dalle sleeping in bed, her left breast visible above the sheets as a guy reaches over and runs his hand over her breast. In the fifth scene, Béatrice Dalle lying back topless on a bed, then showing some bush as a guy pulls down her panties and then gives her oral sex as she grabs his head. In the sixth scene, Béatrice Dalle completely naked as she gets up out of bed, her breasts and bush in plain view as the then walks around an apartment and tries to find somewhere else to sleep while talking to a guy. In the seventh scene, Béatrice Dalle reclining in bed with a guy while topless and having the guy reach over with one hand and squeeze her left breast. We then see her fully nude in the shower, giving us a look at her breasts, bush and ass when she leans over to reach for the soap. In the eighth scene, Béatrice Dalle seen nude fireside as a guy kisses up and down her naked body, and then she sits in his lap as they have sex while he leans forward to kiss her breasts. In the ninth scene, Béatrice Dalle seen wearing only white panties as she walks around an apartment while topless and talks to a guy. In the tenth scene, Béatrice Dalle sitting naked on the side of a bathtub, giving us a good look at her breasts and a bit of bush as a guy sits next to her and tries to console her.

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